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  • The Vitamix Blender (aka: dream machine!)

I have owned a Vitamix blender since 2008. It is hands-down, my most favorite kitchen appliance. It makes the best smoothies I have ever tasted! Because of its high power, it can be used for many different things. Sometimes I find myself using it 2 or more times a day.   Because I use and recommend the Vitamix so much, I recently became affiliated with company. If you purchase a Vitamix through me, you will get free shipping. If you click on the blender picture, it will take you to the Vitamix website where you can purchase any products. The free shipping code should automatically show up at checkout. If for some reason the code does not show up you can manually type it in promotion code box: 06-006227. If you would like to make your purchase over the phone, call 1-800-848-2649 ext. 2308 to speak with Vitamix representative Sue. Simply give the promotion code over the phone to receive free shipping.

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  • CWellness – anti-cancer foods and living.  Jeff Sirlin, founder of CWellness, is a survivor of stage III colon cancer. With CWellness, he wanted to create a central source for people who want to live an anti-cancer lifestyle. On the site you will find an array of products and resources promoting cancer wellness. 







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